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Trevi Lim on Strength In Business Podcast 150x150

Trevi Lim
Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Business is a long-term proposition. It’s about making relationships. If you have customers, you want to continue to give them value and over deliver. When you do that, you’ll gain respect.

Denise Lee Yohn on Strength In Business Podcast With Krisz Rokk 150x150

Denise Lee Yohn
World Renowned Brand-Building Expert

Great brands don’t chase customers. Great brands recognize that you can’t create passion for a brand by trying to appeal to as many customers as possible.

Jason Hartman on Strength In Business Podcast 150x150

Jason Hartman
Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

In one day people receive more communications and more marketing messages than our grandparents received in their lifetime. It’s pretty hard to break through the noise.

Jim Palmer on Strength In Business Podcast With Krisz Rokk 150x150

Jim Palmer
The Newsletter Guru

Whenever you do business with somebody, how they act and what they do, speaks volumes. It’s much more important than what they say they’ll do. Not being consistent is very bad.

Molly Rider on Strength In Business Podcast 150x150

Molly Rider
Human Design Coach

The idea of chasing or pushing something forward is out of alignment. When you make decision from your head, you’re often making ego driven decisions. It’s rough. It’s like swimming upstream.

Jarred Rubin on Strength In Business Podcast With Krisz Rokk 150x150

Jarred Rubin
Investor & Corporate Advisor

It’s not necessarily the best mousetrap that’s going to take things and be the most successful product. It’s the team behind it. You need to make sure you have your A-team in place.

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