20 captivating content marketing stats and facts for 2014

20 Captivating Content Marketing Stats For 2014

Twenty content marketing stats you need to know now that we’re halfway through 2014. The way content is delivered has shifted the focus from outbound to inbound marketing. It’s the era of creative content creators. Blogs, images, videos, and podcasts are conquering the world. Traditional marketing (push marketing, outbound marketing) where you push products and…

McDonalds Positioning_Segmentation_Target Marketing

McDonald’s Positioning: A Different Approach To Segmentation

Providing excellent customer experience requires knowing your audience and understanding their pain points and desires. Positioning your products and services to appeal best to a specific audience, requires focusing your marketing efforts on segmentation. Target marketing is key to success. Traditional consumer packaged goods companies such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola for example, organize their marketing…