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There are so many wonderful books on the topic of mindset and mastering your mind but for me personally, there are three that stand out. Each one of the authors I will reveal to you has given his books on mental strength a special twist by combining this fascinating subject with key elements from science, spirituality and extreme sports.

Without further ado, I present to you three masters that have conquered my mind, heart and soul with their wisdom, experience, discipline, compassion and dedication. Their valuable teachings enable us to activate our superhuman capabilities and boost the belief in ourselves.

1. You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I have exposed myself to the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza for several years now. I have read the four books he has published so far and I’m familiar with a few of his meditations, with the two guided meditations entitled the “Blessing of the Energy Centers” and “Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind” being my absolute favorites.

In preparation for his upcoming Week Long Advanced Workshop I have attended his Intensive and Progressive workshops both of which are mind-blowing to say the least.

Among his books, I find “You Are the Placebo” to be his strongest work in written format. Not only is his book full of practical examples underpinned with solid, yearlong research, stats and facts but it also gives you lots of visual representations (e.g. EEG’s that monitor brain activity and scans that clearly show the state of the brain before and after meditation) to highlight the importance of being in a state of coherence.

The concepts he outlines in his book go well beyond Newtonian physics and the understanding, or better yet, lack of understanding Western medicine has about disease and the process of healing.

In the realm of quantum physics …

The idea of verifiable healing exists as an unknown potential reality in the quantum field, until it is observed and realized, and has materialized.”

For everyone willing to look at disease from a different perspective and learn how to combine two apparently opposite worlds, that of neuroscience and spirituality, will find great delight in this book.

Furthermore, I think this book greatly benefits every business owner and entrepreneur that knows how crucial it is to be and stay healthy in order to thrive in business as it conveys the massive potential that lies hidden in our human brain.

Once we stop staying in our own way and train our mind to become our partner, magical things happen.

2. The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons from a Navy SEAL on Unleashing Your Human Potential by Michael Jaco

I mentioned Michael Jaco’s Intuitive Warrior in one of my recent blog posts on deploying critical thinking while navigating through uncertainty. On top of that, I have published a book review on my Hive account.

As stated previously, I’ve read his book after listening to a couple of interviews with Michael Jaco where he talked about his experience as a Navy SEAL, the way he managed to incorporate spiritual practices into his daily routine as a member of one of the most elite Special Forces units and some of the telepathic techniques he has deployed in battle to keep his team alive.

The Intuitive Warrior “ is an unexpected gift from an individual who has practiced extreme sports his entire life and trained others to discover what lies behind the doors of the mind. Embarking on this journey with Michael Jaco is absolutely breath-taking. After reading his story, you’ll look differently on the war in Iraque and understand behavioral patterns a lot better.

I highly recommend this book for all of you looking to regain control over your mind thus being able to navigate more smoothy in life.

3. Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

Here comes my second favorite former Navy SEAL book author. To me, David Goggins represents mental discipline like no other human being on this planet.

His brutal honesty, straightforward talk and strong language will shake the weakest cell in your body to awaken. What this man has accomplished in his life and the goals and tasks he sets himself daily makes the most successful people on Earth look up to him.

What you see is what you get. Literally. If you have listened to interviews with David Goggins you know exactly what I’m talking about. This guy makes you face your deepest fears and move ahead despite of all your excuses. His instructions are crystal clear and precise. Everything is black and white, thus enabling the reader to follow along without giving the mind any possibility to escape whatsoever.

My next detailed book review will be on David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me”. I’ll publish it on the Hive blockchain @kriszrokk. Stay tuned for that.

Sharing My Own Experience in a Book

I’m a student of the mind. As a passionate scuba diver and sports person, I’ve learned early on to partner up with my mind in order to achieve extraordinary things in life. This lesson has helped me transcend this concept into other areas of my life such as business for example.

If you want to discover solid principles that combine the best of business and the underwater world, I invite you to read my book The Scuba Diver: 7 Effective Principles to Improve Mental Discipline.

In a world gone mad, learning from the wise and applying their teachings has never been more crucial. Tough times make strong men and women, and that is a good thing.

Working on increasing your level of consciousness, connecting with yourself and trusting your innate intelligence enables you to enjoy the game of life to the fullest and play your cards with a smile on your face. If living a blissful life isn’t your thing, you’re welcome to opt out of this concept.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay