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One might argue about the many words that make out the portfolio of a successful business, however there’s unanimous consensus when it comes to putting this next term on the pedestal. The power derives from its meaning, intonation and intent.

The word I’m referring to is DECISION.

Some believe that even before entering this realm which we call life on Earth, we are asked to decide. Leaving the esoteric component aside the fact of the matter is that with our first breath we’ve already taken our first decision, which is to give this experience a try.

In the beginning it’s the innate intelligence that navigates the vessel while we cruise along unconsciously experimenting with our avatar, perceiving reality with our receptors and enjoying the chemical, hormonal and biological rush that fills our senses.

As time passes by and we become one with the Earthly program we forget who’s in control of the player allowing our consciousness to stay trapped. This sleepwalking state may very well continue over a long period of time unless we’re shaken to our core by a disease, death of a loved one or some other negative event that forces us to wake up to who we truly are.

Why let tragedy hit you in the face when you can enable inspiration, passion and creativity to guide you on a different, more enjoyable journey?

Why allow the environment, politics, social and financial conditions to decide for you, when you can take control of your destiny yourself?

If you don’t decide, others will do it for you.

This applies to everything in life including your business.

The Fear of Making Decisions

Fear, uncertainty, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, unworthiness and all this low-frequency plethora of emotions can freeze your mind and numb you into a state of indecisiveness.

Just for the record:

Not making a decision is a decision.

Postponing a decision equals a decision.

Dwelling on your lack of knowledge, skills and experience while fumbling around with spreadsheets and crunching numbers won’t make the decision process smoother.

Often times you simply need to let go of all the nonsense you’ve been feeding your mind with so that your inner compass can guide you towards a solution.

Furthermore, you can use short-term stress to fuel your decision power while disengaging from activities that provoke long-term disorders.

Make it a habit to get out of your own way in order to allow creativity, nature and spirit to take over. Expose yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking. Mingle with people who have accomplished the uncommon and learn from their struggles, challenges and mistakes.

Have the guts to regularly take a deep dive into your personality so that you can drop what’s not beneficial to you anymore. You can now use this freed up energy to acquire new traits and skills that will help you weather the storms of change so that you can reach your desired shores.

Deploy the Quantum Model in Business

The Newtonian model is outdated. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and adhering strictly to the mainstream narrative, you’ve certainly heard of the amazing discoveries in the field of quantum physics.

We live in a world with infinite possibilities. Therefore it’s up to each and every one of us to intentionally pick what we want while simultaneously aligning our feelings and emotions to the outcome we desire.

In a world that seems more chaotic than ever before those who take firm decisions backed by corresponding actions will more likely than not achieve their goals. When everything is breaking apart with business strategies and techniques that worked for decades in the past becoming totally obsolete, it’s up to you whether you’ll take a leap forward or be pushed around based on somebody else’s decisions.

Learn to decide quickly. Adjust as you implement.

Image by Pixource on Pixabay