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Our Mission at StrengthInBusiness

We empower business owners to effectively communicate with a highly skeptical, media-blitzed consumer by using progressive marketing strategies that produce tangible results. We'll help you uncover the pain points of your ideal audience, differentiate yourself from your competitors and focus your valuable resources on your company’s strengths. This will enable you to constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities and never stop growing.




Customer Success Stories

Success is an accumulation of learning good habits and making good decisions. Good marketing is a major part of successful business. Krisz Rokk is the person you want at your side to lead you and your business through the maze of all the marketing options available and what is right for your success and your business. Stop looking - take action! 


Founder School of Impact, Switzerland

Krisz has an immense amount of knowledge in all forms of marketing, whether it be traditional or digital. This is all good, but what separates Krisz from others is that she can transfer this knowledge to real life day business. She knows what works and what doesn’t work and will deviate from the standard ‘text book’ to make your business achieve consistent and sustainable results. 


BChD (Leeds), MFGDP (UK), Dental Surgeon

Krisz is a powerful marketing consultant who knows how to guide you to reach your goal and get the success you want in business. There’s no one like her. Power is the right word. 


CEO, Event Management Sweden & Scandinavia, Stridh Opportunities Sweden

Passion for every detail is essential to Villeroy Immobilien. Putting customers first is what StrengthInBusiness excels at.


CEO, Villeroy Immobilien, Luxury Real Estate Germany

StrengthInBusiness delivers what its name promises. Krisz Rokk not only knows how to ask the right questions, in order to address the diverse challenges of Facebook marketers, but she also knows the answers to effectively using the latest tools to turn Facebook campaigns into winning strategies.

martin künzi

COO Enigma | Strategy & Branding, Switzerland

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Krisz Rokk

CEO of StrengthInBusiness, international speaker, entrepreneur and author of Amazon's best selling book Die Podcasting-Goldgrube, Krisz Rokk has 20 years of marketing & sales experience, encompassing work with thousands of business owners and corporates in a variety of industries. Prior to joining the entrepreneurial community, she has worked as a successful marketing consultant and national account manager for several global multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, GfK, ABB, Freudenberg and Information Resources Inc.

What We Do And How We Do It

Marketing Systems to Grow Your Business


Marketing Activities

Understand your business needs and expectations to deploy a successful roadmap.


Marketing Systems

Develop integrated marketing systems to generate high levels of predictable revenue.


Marketing Plan

Execute marketing campaigns and provide outstanding customer experience.


Marketing Strategies

Identify marketing gaps, assess customer sentiment and buying trends.


Marketing Performance

Monitor performance, track results and measure return on marketing investment.


Marketing Approach

Continually refine, tweak and improve your marketing program effectiveness.

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Increased Turnover and Profits

Established Competitive Advantages

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