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Rejected? So What?

Your product or service was rejected? Was the answer to your proposal a resonating “no”? How about the deal you’ve put your heart and soul into didn’t close as expected? And what about your date that didn’t even bother to show up?

If you’re playing this human game on Earth right now, chances are that you’ve been rejected at least once thus far.

Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure - StrengthInBusiness

Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure

You must move out of the comfort zone bubble to grow and accomplish your dreams. The moment you do that, your rate of failure will increase exponentially. The trick is to fail quickly and learn from those failures. Another trick is to learn from other people’s failures.

The Opportunity is in the Uncertainty - StrengthInBusiness

The Opportunity is in the Uncertainty

In the world of entrepreneurship, uncertainty prevails. The journey is chaotic, full of traps and pitfalls thus adding a special flavor to the adventure while shaping the individual accordingly. What’s it going to be? Will you befriend uncertainty or will you allow it to become your worst enemy?

Juggling Boxes without Friction - StrengthInBusiness

Juggling Boxes without Friction

How many boxes can you juggle in life without burning out? Have you discovered the sweet spot that enables you to move swiftly and friction-free between your pots?

Some boxes are more important than others. The core ones stay with us our whole lives whereas the seasonal ones will leave us at a certain stage aka cycle in life. The fundamental boxes are pretty much the same for all of us: health, love in the form of family, relationships and friendships, and career or business.

Business is a Spiritual Game - StrengthInBusiness

Business is a Spiritual Game

Some say we have an economical problem. Than we have those who like to point their fingers towards the political establishment or put the blame on the current financial system. Add to the groups above those who regard social issues as the main culprit.

What if everything we face today stems from a spiritual level? What if business is more of a spiritual game than a money game?

The Lessons We Need Are in the Tasks We Avoid - StrengthInBusiness

The Lessons We Need Are in the Tasks We Avoid

Writing a novel, applying for a particular job, asking that beautiful girl out, selling the old stuff from the garage … Fear wears many masks and layers. It’s a master of disguise. Most people will do whatever it takes to avoid pain without acknowledging the fact that on the other side of it lies freedom and opportunity.