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Guess What Interaction Has the Highest Sales Impact

Why do the wealthiest people on this planet meet in person and close deals behind doors? Why does the Elite hang out in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (WEF) or at the Bilderberg conference? There is one type of interaction that trumps all other methods combined and has the most powerful sales impact.

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5 Steps of a Simple Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is probably the most important part of a business cycle. You can be a master in lead generation however, if you don’t turn those leads into paying customers, you might as well call it a hobby instead of a business.

Motivational Sales Quotes

25 Motivational Sales Quotes

Selling is a skill that you can learn. It is an essential skill if you want to build a successful business. It is a MUST if you want to have a team of highly motivated and inspired people that will help you reach your goals and objectives. Believe it or not, we are all in…

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5 Top Trends Of Women In Sales (Infographic)

Last week, LinkedIn published the results of an in-house research, in which some of the top women in sales shared their insights about the representation of female professionals in certain roles and industries. The entire discussion started after LinkedIn has released its workforce diversity data report revealing that 61% of employees are male. Reflecting on…

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Sales Secrets: The Importance of Thought-Provoking Questions

Sales Secrets – What do you think is the most powerful element of selling? Bingo, it’s ASKING! But here’s the thing, it’s about asking powerful questions. What are the typical questions you like to ask your customers? What questions are you asking and your competition isn’t? Sales Secrets with Guy Gitomer Ask thought-provoking questions! When…