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5 Common Small Business Website Mistakes

The National Small Business Week in the United States kicks off this Monday and runs until Friday, the 16th. It’s time to honor the top entrepreneurs from the US and attend some of the hottest events — whether online or out in your local community. Fox Business had this to say recently: Today, it is…


How Colors Impact Our Purchase Decision

What are the things that influence a purchase decision? Is it quality, design, layout, or free shipping? How do colors affect purchases? A couple of months ago I shared an infographic about the 10 key factors that influence a purchase decision. Today I’m going to focus on one of these key influencers and that is…

Strength In Business Podcast With Krisz Rokk

How To Build A Strong Community With Podcasting

The best way to build a strong community with podcasting is to lead the way and start to be the community that you want to create. This is true not only for podcasting but for every other task we perform. People don’t like to join communities where the leader is uncertain of the task (concept).…