PayPal smart business strategy_Stuart Miles

Ebay and PayPal’s Smart Business Strategy

A smart business strategy is customer-focused and starts with solving problems. Top performing companies know how to think outside the box and come up with innovative products & services that revolutionize customer experience thus being able to keep the company in profits even when the going gets tough. Last week CNN showed an interview with…

Digital Marketing Ideas dmexco 2013_small

Digital Marketing Ideas from dmexco 2013

The global digital marketing elite met last week in Cologne, Germany at the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (dmexco). The fairs motto for 2013 was “Turning visions into reality”. About 720 exhibitors from all over the globe, staged in three halls for the first time, a two-day Conference program at top international level, extended opening…

StrengthInBusiness Podcast Krisz Rokk and Jarred Rubin

Jarred Rubin: Capital Raising

How can you raise capital? Where do you find investors? What are investors actually looking for? What documents do you need to prepare when you’re going to raise money from a bank and other financial institutions along with venture capitalists and angel investors? The topic of today’s interview is Capital Raising and my amazing guest…