Podcasting_Strength In Business Podcast With Krisz Rokk

How To Build A Strong Community With Podcasting

The best way to build a strong community with podcasting is to lead the way and start to be the community that you want to create. This is true not only for podcasting but for every other task we perform. People don’t like to join communities where the leader is uncertain of the task (concept).…

StrengthInBusiness Podcast Krisz Rokk and Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn: What Great Brands Do

Do you have a branding strategy? How do you brand yourself? What brand-building strategies do you use to position yourself & your company? What are some of the best brand-building principles that separate great brands from the rest? The topic of today’s podcast interview is What Great Brands Do and my amazing guest is brand-building…