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10 Eye-Opening Facebook Advertising Facts

Social media advertising is going to explode in the years to come. Facebook, Twitter & Co. are powerful players in the digital advertising game and their performance should not be taken lightly. If you’re tired of searching and identifying affordable keywords you can bid on to drive traffic to your website (i.e. landing page, sales…

Ways To Building Your Blog Audience - Strength In Business

4 Ways To Building Your Blog Audience

Why do you blog? What’s your goal? Simply writing and publishing a blog post won’t get you very far. If you want traction and are looking to go beyond providing informational and educational material to your blog audience, you’ll need to change some things. To be able to get the results you want — provided…

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Content Curation: How To Apply The 911 Rule

More than 60 million new posts are being published on WordPress.com each month. Wait a second, that’s just WordPress. Let’s not forget the other blogging platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, and Posterous. That’s overwhelming, right? This is where smart content curation can go a long way. Let me explain the concept quickly. The world…