StrengthInBusiness Marketing Triangle by Krisz Rokk

The Marketing Triangle

This is a book about mastering the marketing fundamentals. It’s designed especially for busy small business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to understand what marketing is really about and how they can choose and deploy certain marketing weapons to get the results they want and beyond.

StrengthInBusiness Scuba Entrepreneur by Krisz Rokk

The Scuba Entrepreneur

High performance athletes and business people who produce outstanding results adhere to a winning belief system, do specific things and follow certain principles to create those results. Seven of these highly effective principles are here for you to study and apply, so that you can achieve ground-breaking results too.

Books Strength In Business Podcasting-Goldgrube

[GERMAN] Die Podcasting-Goldgrube (3rd Edition)

Have you ever dreamed of having your own show? Podcasting can help you accomplish just that. If you want to share your valuable message with the world, educate and inspire people, or connect with a like-minded community on a deeper level, you should definitely consider adding podcasting to your marketing toolbox.