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When it comes to burger or fries you automatically think of McDonalds, Burger King and other similar chains. But what if your business has burgers and / or fries, too? What if you have several burgers but no sides in your portfolio? And what about those businesses which focus entirely on fries, shakes and muffins without ever considering adding a burger to their menu?

Today’s topic goes beyond the obvious perks of those involved in the food industry. Before we jump into other markets, let’s see what successful restaurants and fast food chains have in common:

A main dish that often comes in lots of variations and several side dishes.

Example McDonald’s:

Main dish: burgers – these come in different variations: Triple Cheeseburger, Big Mac, McDouble, Mushroom & Swiss Burger etc.

Side dishes: fries, salads, shakes, soft drinks, hot beverages, muffins, cookies and other desserts just to name a few.

Whether you like McDonald’s or not, you must admit that they have figured out really well what their customers desire, need and are willing to pay for.

They have pretty much nailed their menu items without ever getting bored of constantly being on the lookout for new innovations and product line extensions, adding interesting flavours from across the globe to their traditional “carte” and continuing to disrupt nutritional patterns.

The State of Non-Food Industries: Some Go Without Burgers, Others Without Fries

What is your burger?

One of my burgers is the StrengthInBusiness Academy.

What are your fries?

If we stick to my Academy burger, then the fries that go along are my Facebook Advertising workshops and live events I do across the world.

Burger or fries, main or side dishes – the short phrases are an abbreviation of your main and secondary products / services.
Your burger could be a membership, a video course, an XYZ service package, speaking gigs or even a book. Your fries, shakes, fizzy drinks AKA your side dishes could be the above or something else.

Let’s make this more tangible by picking a video course worth of $700 as your burger / main dish. Your side dishes could be one or more of the following:

  • An audio course or an entire audio series
  • One or more books – could be topic related or not
  • A webinar or a webinar series
  • A live seminar
  • A live workshop or an online workshop
  • A consulting session
  • Etc.

Another example.

What if your burger is plumbing services with a main focus on air conditioning, heat pumps and ventilation systems?

What could your fries, shakes and other sides look like?

These could be for example:

  • Hot water heat pump services
  • Boilers, central and in-slab heating services
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Books, video and / or audio courses, live events about plumbing services
  • A paid membership (private Facebook group included) where people can reach out to you for plumbing tips and immediate help.

Note that you can turn your side dishes into main ones anytime you choose. There are no restrictions to this game of business except your own imagination and willingness to learn and acquire new skills.

Overcomplicating Things Leads to Inaction

Humans have a tendency of overcomplicating things.

I don’t know where the common belief of “what’s complicated and sophisticated must be good” comes from. Unfortunately, complicated things overwhelm us and lead to procrastination.

Nobel prize physicist Einstein used to say that,

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

So why overcomplicate the process? Why not stick to the fundamentals in business and do whatever it takes to master them?

What’s your burger? The answer should be quick.

What are your fries? Quickly, what comes to mind?

Having the opportunity to meet with all kinds of business owners and marketing professionals with different cultural and social backgrounds is one of the many benefits of conducting live workshops and events across the world.

To this day though, I’m surprised about the number of small business owners that are either focusing entirely on side dishes and creating new side dishes without having a main dish, or the ones that are sticking to one “burger” without putting in the time and resources to expanding their product / service portfolio by adding either new main dishes or sides to their offer.

All these business owners are leaving money on the table, money that could have been well invested into hiring new personnel, adding new product lines to the business, running ads to acquiring new clients and buying new equipment allowing them to grow and scale their businesses.

Don’t be one of these business owners. Be smart. Be savvy.

The Burger or Fries Battle

Actually, the question burger or fries has a major flaw.

The thinking should rather be burger AND fries, or several well thought-out and proven burgers along with fries, shakes, salads & Co. that meet the same criteria.

If you’re just starting out, put in the time to build a solid main dish and extend your products / services into sides just like a spider would when prepping to go out for battle.

Imagine your burger, the main dish being the spider head and the sides being the different legs. You need them all to move forward efficiently. You need the entire entity to build a highly profitable spider web that captures insects allowing you to survive and more importantly, to thrive.

Your turn:

From burger or fries to main dishes AND sides: What have you created first? What marketing strategies do you deploy to help you scale and grow your business?