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Seeking the truth in business can be daunting. Whereas principles are key to building a solid foundation and often apply as are, strategies, tactics and techniques change, mold, diversify and transform what once used to be set in stone. Therefore, embarking on this journey with an inquisitive mind will help you lift the veil and uncover tidbits the vast majority of business owners will never experience (see).

Since early ages, humans have created businesses of all kinds, sizes and shapes. Some do it out of necessity, others out of passion. And than there are those who set out to building and running businesses out of pure curiosity, fueled by an inner calling to expand their knowledge, creativity and intellect aka to push human boundaries and experience unimaginable growth.

I’ve always been fascinated by the latter due to their unshakable conviction and strength. If there’s one thing in life we can all be certain of is the fact that we have an innate intelligence that awaits every single one of us to be awakened. Those who listen to their inner source will put all their energy into activating their utmost talents thus recognizing that living a blissful life is absolutely attainable.

How an Inquisitive Mind Helps You in Business

I love to work with curious people who are looking for different ways to up their business game. Some of the most exquisite encounters I have had so far was during my intensive Facebook advertising workshops across the world.

By the look of it you’d say these were either some tired employees who wanted to get rid of their boss and make money with Facebook and Instagram ads as they saw people living quite well off of this type of work or a bunch of small business owners who wanted to get additional revenue from online advertising alongside their offline shops.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I had employees from world-renown banks as well as big tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard or Google come to my workshops armed with a suite of unconventional questions allowing me to share highly-sophisticated advertising techniques that can be applied successfully well beyond the Facebook ecosystem.

Then there were medical doctors, eCommerce business owners, yoga teachers, farmers, architects, engineers and creative people from all walks of life who questioned the core aspects of Facebook’s portfolio. This required me to dive deeper into human psychology and marketing philosophies in order to convey the key elements of what makes an advertising campaign deliver consistent results over a long period of time.

Let the following business lessons guide you on your entrepreneurial path:

1. Know exactly who you are. Know your talents and what you’re really good at. Know your values and what you’ll never be willing to compromise on. Define your own spectrum of integrity, loyalty and boldness.

2. Practice problem-solving irrespective of the products and services you’re offering. Practice out-of-the-box thinking. Make it a habit to push your boundaries and expand your comfort zone on a daily basis.

3. Pull yourself out of the business regularly. You need to yank yourself out of your daily business routine as well as thought pattern in order to see the bigger picture and come up with new ideas, approaches and solutions.

4. See what other industries are excelling at and introduce that amazing juice into your own business. Adapt what needs to be adapted to accelerate growth. Unconventional methods cleverly implemented often lead to extraordinary levels of success.

5. Don’t be afraid to defy the odds of entrepreneurial success. Just because business books and gurus deem certain things impossible, shouldn’t stop you from constantly reaching for that amazing well of possibilities very few even dare to dream of.

6. Learn to listen to your innate intelligence. No human on this planet has been left out from receiving this amazing gift and yet, so many are driven by fear, living a limited life based on all kinds of excuses. Don’t join that crowded club. Let that innate intelligence take you to places you’ve never thought existed thus enabling you to experience life from a place of magic and abundance.

Nurture Your Curious and Inquisitive Mind

Children are curious and that’s a fantastic thing. It allows them to explore the world without a preconceived mind thus being able to fantasize without imposed limitations.

Than school kicks in. Later high-school and college and once you’re done with that, either a job or an entrepreneurial endeavor sucks you in, pulling your attention from different ends and allowing your focus and energy to squander. By now most minds are trapped and curiosity fades or worst, is considered inappropriate.

Why is curiosity a great thing when we’re kids but detrimental as adults?

Don’t let mainstream thinking and educational patterns fool you. Curiosity is a critical component in a human’s life and nurturing it is vital to keeping a healthy mind and life.

Are you tapping into the secrets unveiled to you by your inquisitive mind or do you keep this door closed afraid of unleashing your superhuman capabilities?

Image by Justin Peterson on Unsplash