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When Marketing Worlds Drift Apart - StrengthInBusiness

When Marketing Worlds Drift Apart

There is a marketing world out there that operates based on trust, community, integrity, caring, sharing, friendship, kindness and love for fellow humans. This might sound far fetched and fairytale-like if you’ve spent your entire life giving your valuable time, energy, money and attention to entities, organizations and structures that have been brilliantly designed and disguised to suck everything out of you without you even noticing.

Burger or Fries Which One Comes First - StrengthInBusiness

Burger or Fries – Which One Comes First?

When it comes to burger or fries you automatically think of McDonalds, Burger King and other similar chains. But what if your business has burgers and / or fries, too? What if you have several burgers but no sides in your portfolio? And what about those businesses which focus entirely on fries, shakes and muffins without ever considering adding a burger to their menu?

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2 Must-Have Marketing Tools to Work with International Clients

Do you have an international clientele? How do you manage business operations and finances without losing sight of all the atypical needs that business owners from foreign countries may have? These two online marketing tools will help you avoid outrageous bank fees when sending money abroad, closely monitor project performance, increase productivity and maximize outcomes.

How Marketing Campaigns Can Get You Your Hearts Desire Strength In Business

How Marketing Campaigns Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire

Successful marketing campaigns evoke strong emotions. These emotions could be negative (fear, anxiety, anger) or positive (joy, awe, excitement). They can go both ways. Emotions drive us to like, share and buy. Great brands know how to use a story and connect with their target audience. They understand the power of stories and are very adept at developing ad and marketing campaigns that touch our hearts.

eBook Marketing Strategies

3 Powerful eBook Marketing Strategies

What do you need to be successful in eBook marketing? Content alone won’t make it. Marketing and promoting your content across multiple channels to expand your reach, influence, and credibility is as important as writing an engaging story. Social media has changed the way we consume content. Nevertheless, the rise of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram…

25 Motivational Marketing Quotes

25 Motivational Marketing Quotes

Marketing is getting into the minds of prospects; it’s about communicating to the world that your products and services are valuable and unique. Although it is fun and exciting, there will be times when you’ll feel lost and confused. To motivate you to push forward I decided to share the following 25 motivational marketing quotes…

The Holy Grail Of Marketing

The Truth About The Holy Grail Of Marketing

Marketers are desperately trying to bridge the digital and physical dimensions to leverage social interaction at all consumer touchpoints. Is this approach going to lead you to discover the holy grail of marketing? Does everything come down to creating an emotional connection and delivering that ‘WOW’ experience? We live in a loud and crowded ‘physical’…

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

How Do You Intend To Increase Customer Loyalty

No customers, no sales. No sales, no business. Simple but very powerful statements. Customers are the lifeblood of a business hence the importance of looking for several ways to increase customer loyalty. During the last years, corporations, small and medium sized enterprises have invested heavily into customer services and customer relationship management (CRM). Word-of-mouth remains…