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2 Must-Have Marketing Tools to Work with International Clients

Do you have an international clientele? How do you manage business operations and finances without losing sight of all the atypical needs that business owners from foreign countries may have? These two online marketing tools will help you avoid outrageous bank fees when sending money abroad, closely monitor project performance, increase productivity and maximize outcomes.

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3 Common Online Marketing Challenges Small Businesses Face

Are you a savvy member of the small business community feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted by social media, content marketing, SEO, pay-per-click and things of that nature? Are you desperately trying to keep up with technology and all the Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram craziness going on? Discover three common online marketing challenges small businesses face.

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5 Reasons Why Podcasting Is Important To Your Business

Podcasting is on the rise. Podcasts are undeniably popular, entertaining, educational and informative.  On iTunes, podcast subscriptions top 1 billion. Obviously, podcasts are not exclusive to iTunes. Many other apps and services, so called podcatchers are eager to share the latest and greatest podcast episodes. When I launched my first podcast episode back in April 2012…

22 Influencer Marketing Tips

22 Influencer Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends And Influence People” and Robert Cialdini’s bestseller “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” made the term influencer marketing more popular. The concept isn’t new though. It has been around for thousands of years. In ancient Babylon, those merchants who recognized the power of ‘befriending’ key individuals became wealthy. A…

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How To Integrate Your Marketing Channels To Achieve Better Results

Do you keep your marketing channels in individual silos? Have you considered leveraging your marketing efforts with a more integrated approach? Successful marketing requires different channels to work in tandem. If you want to achieve better results make sure you integrate your marketing channels effectively to promote your products and services. Leverage your resources —…

Purposeful Marketing Strategies

Purposeful Marketing Strategies Where Customers Co-Create

Are small businesses ready to meet today’s customer’s expectations? Who is willing to change the approach and improve their marketing strategies? In her roundup about marketing strategies for the future from The Entrepreneur, Barbara Findlay Schenck shares the foundation of a new paradigm in business. Barbara writes: The old paradigm — where businesses produced, marketers…

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Marketing Impact: 7 Customer Service Lessons from Sir Richard Branson

Marketing impact – A couple of months ago Forbes published an amazing interview with Sir Richard Branson revealing 7 important customer service secrets. Why is Richard Branson’s brand Virgin considered the ‘Gold standard’ in customer service? What makes the employees and the management team at Virgin go above and beyond to satisfy customers? Marketing Impact…