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Decentralized Audio Podcasting with Aureal - StrengthInBusiness

Decentralized Audio Podcasting with Aureal

Podcasting has taken the world by storm. Now, things are about to change radically, meaning hosts can take back their power by connecting their shows to decentralized blockchain-based platforms thus circumventing censorship and other nasty restrictions. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Aureal, a social podcasting Dapp powered by the Hive blockchain.

StrengthInBusiness Krisz Rokk and Brian Gracon Buying Triggers

3 Buying Triggers You Can Use to Grow Your Sales with Brian Gracon

In the midst of the most-recent recession, why couldn’t you find a parking place at the mall on a weekend or get into a good restaurant without waiting for hours? Why were there waiting lines at the spa and coffee shop? In this podcast interview, Krisz Rokk and award-winning business consultant Brian Gracon use best practices from recession-proof companies to discuss buying triggers and habits of today’s consumer.

StrengthInBusiness Podcast Krisz Rokk and Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn: What Great Brands Do

Do you have a branding strategy? How do you brand yourself? What brand-building strategies do you use to position yourself & your company? What are some of the best brand-building principles that separate great brands from the rest? The topic of today’s podcast interview is What Great Brands Do and my amazing guest is brand-building…

StrengthInBusiness Podcast Krisz Rokk and Carol Dodsley on Google Plus

Carol Dodsley: Google Plus and Google Hangouts

What are Google Plus and Google Hangouts all about? What are the best strategies to position yourself on Google+ and become an expert authority? What are the biggest mistakes people make when they use this social media channel? The topic of today’s podcast interview is Google+ and Google Hangouts and my amazing guest is online…

StrengthInBusiness Podcast Krisz Rokk and Jarred Rubin

Jarred Rubin: Capital Raising

How can you raise capital? Where do you find investors? What are investors actually looking for? What documents do you need to prepare when you’re going to raise money from a bank and other financial institutions along with venture capitalists and angel investors? The topic of today’s interview is Capital Raising and my amazing guest…

Business Planning Expert Reveals

Dream Plan Do: Business Planning Expert Reveals

Business planning expert from Melbourne reveals her best online and offline marketing strategies by following a simple recipe: DREAM PLAN DO. Listen in as Krisz interviews her special guest from Australia. In our latest “Strength In Business” podcast episode MJ shares her experience for creating, planning and implementing business ideas. Business Planning Expert from Melbourne…