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Facebook Carousel Ads: Increase Your CTR and Lower Your Cost Per Action

What’s the deal with Facebook carousel ads? Why is this format so special, and more importantly, why should you test this type of advertising for your own brands and products too? Facebook carousel ads allow you to showcase more images and links in a single ad for the same price. Automatically show the best performing images first.

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3 Highly Relevant Audiences To Target Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a powerful marketing weapon when it comes to expanding your reach to highly relevant audiences. Provided you haven’t purchased your Facebook fans or email list using some scam tactics, and instead you’ve invested your valuable time and resources into getting to know the pain points, needs and wants of your target audience…

Effective Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Conversion

3 Highly Effective Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Conversions

Would you like to improve your Facebook marketing strategy and increase conversion rates? Are you wondering what marketing tactics the pros are using to generate consistent returns by targeting Facebook’s 1.32 billion monthly active users? It’s time to shed some light on the subject. In this blog post you’ll discover three high-impact Facebook marketing tips and…

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How To Optimize Your Twitter Presence

While corporates are expanding their social media teams, more and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to Twitter, Facebook & Co. to generate customers. According to Twitter’s latest white paper “Small Business Customer Insights”, 36% of SMBs attracted a customer with Twitter Marketing (Year 2013). With nearly 650,000,000 users and more than half…

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How To Create Successful Social Campaigns

Corporates are investing heavily into developing appealing social campaigns that will attract new customers and increase sales. According to latest statistics nearly 25% of the marketing budget in 2018 will be spent on social media campaigns alone. Putting a lot of money into social campaigns does not guarantee success – especially if your strategy is…

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How Cadbury Increased Brand Influence With Social Media Campaigns

Nowadays, everybody has the power to create social media campaigns that will shake the online and subsequently the offline world. Social media has revolutionized the way we market and brand ourselves. “If traditional advertising is akin to electromagnetism, then social media is more like gravity. It’s easy to wield electromagnetism, be very exact and make…

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Marketing Impact: How To Increase Conversion Rates On Facebook

According to HubSpots latest State of Inbound Marketing, the average website conversion rate is 10%. What’s your websites’ marketing impact? A few more stats from the same source before we move on… [You can download your FREE copy of ‘2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report‘ HERE] * 52% of all marketers have found a…

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Website Marketing Plan: 3 Proven Social Media Marketing Essentials

Have you incorporated a few powerful social media strategies into your website marketing plan? Among other factors, this will help you drive traffic to your website, engage your fans and followers strategically and improve your web presence. Targeting the right audience should be one of your top priorities. Even if social platforms offer a wide…