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Critical thinking is undesirable yet extremely important nowadays!

When you hear the same message being deployed across the world, you innately know there is something fishy going on. If you decouple from the noise, you experience different countries using the same words and expressions. A well-orchestrated system with members acting and speaking the same way requires decades of preparation.

Kudos to the marketing and advertising agencies involved although their copywriting needs thorough improvement. There is one crucial thing you didn’t consider though: the human spirit and emotions are what lets your actors blow up.

Controlling the mind is easy. Everyone with a basic understanding of psychology knows how to use fear, anxiety, frustrations, desires, aggressiveness and all those other low frequency triggers to move an actor from A to B.

The task gets even easier with modern day utilities such as social media. Manipulating perception, stimulating the amygdala and getting certain (keyword!) so-called human beings to perform a particular action has become a breeze. It doesn’t require a genius to lead the sheep into a tunnel while the lions are sleeping.

Enough is enough: The time has come for the lions to break lose from apathy and debunk the fairytale of the human farm.

Awaken Your Spirit

We live in absolutely crazy times and things are about to get even more insane if we don’t step up to the plate.

While the majority has lost their inner compass allowing the media, governments and questionable experts to dictate their lives, a group of highly intelligent and sophisticated human beings are reclaiming their inner power by tapping into intuition and everything good our spirit has to offer.

As a sports and health advocate I’m always interested in learning from genuine top performers with minds / bodies of steel and hearts / spirits of gold. The teachings of two Navy SEAL come to mind in the context of today’s global madness that I’d like you to make acquaintance with.

The first one is Navy SEAL Michael Jaco. He is a military hero, a member of one of the most elite Special Forces units, SEAL Team Six. Listening to several interviews with him and reading his book “The Intuitive Warrior”, has confirmed several techniques I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza in the past years while giving these concepts a very practical spin.

“The gift of intuition is available to everyone, but to harness this gift takes patience, discipline, and desire. Once you have the gift, you can lose it if you do not continue to honor its promptings. If you do lose it or do not yet have it in your awareness, it will return whenever you are ready and willing.”

— Michael Jaco

The second one is Navy SEAL David Goggins. He is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, the US Army Ranger School and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.

Listening to his extended podcast interviews on Brian Rose’s London Real Show and reading his book “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds” has taught me how to use discipline to tap into the inner, most frightening parts of the mind so that I’m able to release the brakes that hold me back.

“Only you can master your mind, which is what it takes to live a bold life filled with accomplishments most people consider beyond their capability.”

— David Goggins

Before we get to the critical thinking part of this post, I’d like to remind you of the power and greatness you have within you.

Harness these amazing gifts; activate them on a daily basis so that external stimuli and the low frequency emotions of your reptilian brain don’t stand a chance.

Embrace Critical Thinking

Do your own thinking. You’re not a chicken, nor are you a mule.

There is no such thing as the “one” best source, right channel or authority to listen to. Gather as much information as possible. Look at things from different angles and perspectives. Raise questions and attend panels, virtual summits or discussions where speakers and attendees disagree.

The last thing we need is a herd mentality. That’s not freedom, never was and never will be irrespective of the mainstream narrative – which by the way is becoming increasingly authoritarian as days go by.

Research heavily. Ask yourself who benefits most from what’s being imposed and communicated. If you find yourself on the losing part of the equation, you know something is wrong.

My mantra has always been: “WHO says WHAT to WHOM”.

It always starts with WHO and it never passes the WHO stage if the messenger isn’t genuine. Therefore, research those who communicate to you. If your head tells you, “They’re ok” but your gut says otherwise, trust your gut.

You can never trust your mind. Even the most skilled in mind control, who know the inner workings of the mind better then anyone else, can hardly rely on it.

Your mind is a tool. Use it as such and reap the benefits.

You are the captain of your ship. Deploy critical thinking and let your soul AKA your innate intelligence, which nobody can hijack so quickly, help you navigate through craziness and uncertainty.

Image: Photo from Schäferle on Pixabay