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This is a time in history when it is not enough to simply hope; this is a time to know and more importantly, to know how. It’s definitely a great time to invest in yourself because you are investing in your future.

In order for something new to emerge, the old needs to dissipate and dissolve. The collapse of the familiar systems causes an enormous amount of stress for all living organisms. As frequency and vibrations change, energy transforms. Those who cringe to the old and are afraid to let go, suffer unnecessarily, whereas the ones who embrace the unknown will eventually thrive. How so? Well, it’s because possibilities only exist in the unknown.

Evolution stems from the unknown. Regurgitating the same old thinking patterns and behaviors only leads to more of the same results. If we want things to change, we need to change.

While the majority is desperately trying to force their way back to the cozy and familiar old times, the other group is fascinated and excited by the possibilities they are able to create. This is where investing in yourself pays out. Strengthening mental stamina and increasing your energy to be able to better navigate the unknown with all its facets and surprises has never been more crucial.

Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope, similar to luck is a miserable strategy; yet so many people continue to give their precious time and energy to it. The same is true for dwelling on an issue or painting the most negative scenario which again is quite unlikely to happen, unless of course, we really invest our utmost intention and emotions to bringing this possibility into our 3D-reality.

If you’re a surgeon and a patient is delivered to you after a hefty car crash, you can’t sit back and hope his wounds will close magically. You need to perform your best surgery by giving it all your knowledge and experience, provide the patient with all the necessary medication, vitamins and minerals and ensure everything is done correctly, so that he/ she doesn’t catch an infection. Once you and your colleagues have provided the patient with excellent care, you can add hope as an additional spice to the performance of his natural immune system.

The same is true in business. You can’t just launch a product, setup a website, write a piece of content and hope that thousands will flock to you by giving you their attention or eagerly opening their wallets. The chances for this to happen are slim to none.

The legit “overnight successes” you see online are most of the times individuals who have put in a boatload of work consistently for the past 10, 20, 30 or more years. That’s the “ugly” part nobody wants to acknowledge; it’s the thing that is being left out of the equation on purpose because for one it’s unsexy in terms of marketing and second of all because everyone is obsessed with Disney fairytales that happen maybe once in a lifetime.

The Unknown – The Best Place to Create From

I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to why you need to make uncertainty your best friend and I highly recommend you check it out.

Unless you want to go through this 3D-game called life scared to death while handing your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing to the external environment, you’re well advised to embrace and become familiar with the unknown on a cellular level. You need to turn your attention inwards and trust that innate intelligence to guide you.

After the World War II we have dedicated our lives to accumulating material goods and getting comfortable. While there’s nothing wrong in increasing our standard of living and using technology to facilitate a better co-habitat, however turning our focus almost entirely onto the outside world to the detriment of our mental and spiritual health as a human species was a gigantic error the consequences of which we are facing today stronger than ever before.

Remember, where attention goes, energy flows.

We need to turn our attention inwards and heal inside if we want to impact the outside world in a positive manner. First we perform the work on the inside, so that we can harness the good on the outside. When we do this, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and the feelings of being lost dissipate and we experience more wholeness, peace, love as well as heightened levels of awareness and intuition.

Don’t let hope fool you, luck lure you into believing dreams are not worth pursuing and chaos kick you down. Embrace the unknown and create what you truly want. You don’t need hope; you are unstoppable.

Image by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash