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While the vast majority of people is debating about the different nuances and flavors of the Metaverse being a “Centra-Verse” or a “Decentra-Verse”, fellow humans are relentlessly sucked into the vortex of this amazingly disguised simulation that is being built inside the simulation.

My intention today is to give the Metaverse an entirely new spin and highlight certain aspects you eventually haven’t considered thus far. I invite you to join me on a spiritual journey that will take us deeper down the rabbit hole.

Therefore, I won’t bore you with the details about definitions, features, tools and so forth as you can read all of that in the mainstream media – which btw is doing a fantastic job in selling you this “concept” as being something utterly revolutionary.

I touched upon the concept of living in a simulation with its borders being defined by the speed of light in a previous post. Whether you agree with this interpretation or not, whether you consider the SciFi movies tastefully delivered by Hollywood to be soft disclosures of what’s really going on here or not is obviously totally up to you.

If we peel back the layers of the simulation and indulge in a trip that takes us closer to the core of what we call “reality” so that we can take a sneak peak into the mainframe, we realize that everything in the outside world is nothing more than a perfect projection of our inner world. Therefore, the less we allow our mind to expand and the more limits we accept, the more we enchant our thinking patterns to produce the same reality over and over again.

But wait, that’s not all…

Our most precious gift as a human being — our soul — gets calcified and trapped thus being ruthlessly manipulated to surrender to the external illusion of the simulation AKA being mislead to believe that what’s going on in the outside world is more important than the inner truth.

The Metaverse is Another Trap Inside the Maze

Technology provides us with great tools and they should always be used accordingly. Tools are here to help us, not the other way around. Furthermore, technology should be seen as complementary and not something to replace nature, humans, creativity, emotions and spirit.

When we look at the Metaverse that is presented today, we see a projection of our external simulation being integrated once again into another container or layer of illusion so to speak.

It makes you wonder: Is this another motherboard brilliantly wrapped and marketed to us as a “smart city”? Or is it just a well-intentioned system that holds and allows communication between different realities?

Food for thought.

Some people are convinced the Metaverse is the new Internet while others are riding the wave of the pack waiting for someone to once again lead the way. Then we have those supposedly positioning themselves strategically to being able to withstand the attacks of a centralized processing unit and let’s not forget the group of people who contemplate on skipping the whole program by jumping on a new timeline.

Wherever you find yourself in regards to this topic, it most certainly offers a great opportunity to activate certain areas in your brain that were dormant in the past. You’ve got nothing to lose. On the contrary, the more you engage in this mental and spiritual challenge, the deeper the insights you’ll gain.

Time to Wake Up

As we expand our consciousness by allowing elements of the subconscious to mingle in our daily lives and the more we let our intuition to guide us on our path, the better we become in remembering who we truly are.

Continuously sharpening our saw through personal growth while learning new skills and focusing on our talents, we mold our thinking and behavioral patterns thus ultimately upgrading the simulation.

The time is now. The decision process can’t be delayed any further. Those who procrastinate have already decided on their version of the metaverse inside the simulation.

You hold all the power. It’s totally up to you whether you create the metaverse aka the next Matryoshka. There’s no one to blame in this game. There’s no place for victimhood.

Image by Yan Krukov on Pexels