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You come to this world with at least one talent. Which one it is remains for you to uncover. The quicker you find and unleash it, the smoother you’ll be able to navigate in life. Then there are those who enter this realm equipped with more talents. A lifelong journey of experiences and situations will unveil some of them to you, however, if you’re not paying attention they will remain dormant for good.

Talents, gifts, strengths, powers … we use all these terms to try to grasp who we are, what we’re here for, to find our purpose and what drives us, only to end up even more confused.

The idea behind my post is not to drag you into an academic or scientific discussion that revolves around definitions and semantics. My intention goes beyond the issue of mixing and matching all of these buzzwords as I want to bring across a very important topic that is focused on self-awareness.

Friends, family members, relatives, co-workers, colleagues and Co. might all point out certain aspects and areas of your life where you’re literally kicking ass metaphorically speaking. Yet, deep down inside of you, you know that these achievements are the result of adhering to fundamentals, showing up every day and being consistent, rather than an innate talent or internal “something” that comes naturally to you.

So here’s the million dollar question: What’s your talent?

A few more questions to complement the above:

* What if you have more than one talent?

* Are you going to let them come to surface or will you ignore them your whole life?

* What if finding and unveiling these talents could catapult your life on a whole new existential level? Are you still not interested in them?

Trapped Inside You

Most people wonder shoeless clueless through life, looking for some magical things to happen on the outside before it moves them on the inside. This is the perfect recipe for a disastrous, depressive and ugly life. Definitely not something to look forward to if you’re on the other spectrum, doing whatever you can to align yourself with your inner truth while navigating the often troubling waters of life.

Ultimately, living a healthy, joyful and blissful life requires a higher level of awareness, one that will enable your inner force to handle whatever life throws at you.

In order to accomplish the latter, unleashing those talents trapped inside you will help you tremendously. Instead of searching your entire life for your purpose, raising your awareness and becoming more intuitive will allow you to see who you really are. This is of such an enormous value, yet so underappreciated in our consumer-orientated industrialized society.

Doing the exact opposite of what the vast majority is doing and going on this quest will lead you to roads less travelled and open your eyes to new paths and opportunities.

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you ask yourself.”

— Tony Robbins

Maybe, just maybe, replacing the question “What is my purpose?” with “What are my talents?” is capable of shifting your entire life thus moving you on a trajectory that includes fulfilling your purpose as a byproduct of your decision.

Talents Matter: Find Them, Power Them Up and Release Them

Time to discuss the concept of “power up”. You’re possibly familiar with this term from gaming, the blockchain or the cryptocurrency space.

I invite you to take part in a little experiment: Take this term and apply it to your talents.

Power up your talents. Double, triple, quadruple down on them just like you would in a gym, aerobic, yoga or any other sports session. Build muscles around your talents. Push and expand them to new limits.

In business we often talk about the importance of context over content. Well, break the context by powering up your talents aka move everything into a newly shaped environment, one that facilitates your talents and enables you to grow exponentially.

Don’t be fooled by the life game most people participate or think they engage in. The power always lies with the few that defy the odds. Power up your talents to enjoy life to the fullest. Have a phenomenal ride.

Image by Lee Murry on Pixabay