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StrengthInBusiness Marketing Consulting

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Customized strategic marketing advice from Krisz Rokk to finally get results and grow your business

+ Interactive sessions.

+ Valuable feedback.

+ Proven systems, strategies and tactics.

StrengthInBusiness Live Events

International Business Events

Radically transform your business.

+ Build trust, confidence and strength to run a great business.

+ Find successful joint venture partners.

+ Boost profits and increase client retention.

Facebook Advertising Mistakes Duplication - StrengthInBusiness

StrengthInBusiness Academy

Unlock the hidden power of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

+ Discover how to use Facebook’s powerful targeting to onboard more of your ideal prospects.

+ Get proven social advertising strategies and tactics that deliver results.

+ Stay up-to-date with the latest social media news, changes, trends and case studies.

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Elite Mastermind

Join the ranks of high-performance business owners.

+ Learn how to market to the affluent.

+ Surround yourself with business people who are already successful.

+ Grow your business faster.

Here’s how we can help you establish

replicable AND scalable marketing systems to grow your business

Strength In Business Growth Success

What we’re looking for at StrengthInBusiness are sustainable integrated marketing systems that you can replicate.

The marketing strategies and techniques you’ll learn in our strategy sessions are all methods that need to be practiced and applied consistently.

We’re planting seeds, and we’re watering these seeds together so that you can grow a sustainable business that is going to be around for 20 years and more.

We’re not practicing and implementing one single method that’s going to feed your business for one night.

Take control of your marketing!