The Marketing Systems Master Class (MSMC) is for serious business owners looking to get from “Hope Marketing” to precise predictability of marketing RESULTS.


This jam-packed, intensive two day marketing program will provide you with the latest powerful set of marketing weapons to empower you to build a sustainable marketing system, establish a deep understanding of your target audience, boost brand awareness, and increase client retention and profits.

Poor companies put everything into operations and production. Clever businesses focus on MARKETING and SALES. The heart of your business success lies in its marketing.

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MSMC StrengthInBusiness Bucharest - Marketing Systems Master Class

Bucharest, ROMANIA


MSMC StrengthInBusiness Kuala Lumpur - Marketing Systems Master Class

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


MSMC StrengthInBusiness London - Marketing Systems Master Class

London, UK

JULY 8-9

Discover The Secret to Dramatically Transform The Quality of Your Business

Join Us at Marketing Systems Master Class

  • How to create a killer marketing system that attracts a steady flow of prospects – the right prospects, to your business and increases customer loyalty (client retention). You’ll avoid naysayers and people who are only out to complain, and steer yourself towards an audience who genuinely wants to grow and succeed.


  • How to target prospects that are predisposed to buy from you. Stop wasting time with COLD prospects like newspaper ads and cold calling, and start targeting warm prospects. Learn how to use the most powerful marketing & wealth creation strategy on planet earth to flood your business with hot, fresh and ready-to-buy prospects. This strategy is more powerful than referrals. It’s Joint Ventures!


  • Avoid disastrous marketing mistakes by determining your differentiating factors – also known as unique selling proposition (USP). Learn how to craft a compelling marketing message and develop enticing marketing campaigns that attract more of the RIGHT prospects.


  • Why embracing technology and bridging the gap between offline and online marketing are crucial in today’s highly competitive environment. Krisz will teach you how to design a sound content marketing system to increase your Google branding and position yourself as the trusted authority in your industry.


  • How to create products and services your customers love to buy. Learn how to set up highly targeted Facebook ads to educate and inspire your prospects while selling your valuable insights, know-how and experience PROFITABLY! Increase conversion rates by taking control of the bidding process.


  • Juggle with different online marketing weapons to build a strong community of loyal fans and followers on social media. Enhance your web presence and learn how to effectively nurture your relationships to increase customer lifetime value.


  • How to keep score by regularly tracking your marketing processes, measuring and interpreting analytics to take the right actions. Implement a sound marketing strategy plan and separate yourself from business owners whose marketing happens randomly. Only results count!


Tap into the Experience, Know-How and Skills of other Successful Business Owners. You’ll be Amazed at How Powerful Your Newfound Insights Are.

Krisz Rokk - Strength In Business

About Your Lead Marketing Trainer Krisz Rokk

Over the past 20 years, Krisz Rokk has helped several global multinational corporations and small businesses across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia increase their turnover and profits by implementing sound marketing systems, strategies and processes.

Her enlightening Marketing Systems Master Class Two Day Seminar will teach you how to consistently improve marketing, have a long-term impact on business and make a difference in your customers’ lives.


Digital Marketing | Blockchain Marketing | eCommerce | Facebook & Instagram Advertising | Coaching & Business Development | Public Speaking

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