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Gone are the days of critical thinking and freedom of speech. Those who don’t comply with the mainstream narrative are de-monetized, de-platformed and often labeled mentally ill. It’s time to leave the centralized marketing land of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. and join decentralized marketing networks that welcome people who are bold enough to question everything.

I joined Twitter and Facebook in 2011. Those were fun times; nobody really knew what we were doing. Social media marketing was a new term and the vast majority of people and businesses (including major league corporations) had no clue what to do with these platforms.

I remember the first ads I ran on Facebook. Back then ads were approved instantly and costs were ridiculously low. Just like in the good old days of email marketing, everybody on Facebook was clicking on your ads to find out more about this new feature along with whatever you were offering. Early Internet marketers were mostly running ads for free e-books you could download from a website you were sent to. It was a simple and straightforward marketing approach that worked seamlessly.

Then greed kicked in and what used to be a peaceful place to gather with loved ones and like-minded people, turned into an ugly spot that reminds us of certain behaviors and characters humanity had rather not made acquaintance with.

Here we are today, as more and more people awaken to the illusion of this 3D-game, which is designed so perfectly that it tricks even our most advanced spiritual teachers into believing it’s true.

For those of us who decided to go all in and up our level of consciousness in order to play this game to our utmost capabilities, we are now faced with incredible challenges. Those who think they can control this amazingly designed game by enslaving the entire planet will most likely encounter some cataclysmic surprises.

That being said, let’s leave the spiritual playfield for a moment and discuss a few tangible marketing solutions to assist your transition from centralized to decentralized marketing networks.

Blockchain – The New Marketing Disruptor

LBRY, Odysee, Minds, Flote, Presearch …

None of these brands and companies are a household name. Remember, two decades ago, the same was true for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the other cryptocurrencies is already changing the way we do marketing and promote our businesses.

The biggest difference between the centralized social networks and the above-mentioned decentralized blockchain-based alternatives is that these companies reward users for using their product, instead of gathering questionable personal data and selling them to 3rd party corporations and even government entities.

If you want to find out more about LBRY, Minds and Flote for example, I highly suggest you read the following blog posts I’ve written:

Your Time Invested Into FAAMG is NOT Wasted

In the past two to three decades FAAMG which stand for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google, had a blast. They seemingly appeared out of nowhere (that’s what the majority is purposely deceived to believe) and slowly but surely they gained control over our behaviors, thoughts, interests and social interactions.

To this day, I recall the article written by Robert Booth with the title “Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions” published in The Guardian on June 30, 2014.

Dear friends of Strength In Business, that was more than six years ago!

So, knowing all these highly unpleasant and disturbing facts about Facebook and Co., why do you think I still suggest that you haven’t wasted your time on social media?

I’ve been running ads on the Facebook ecosystem since 2011. I educated hundreds of students in my live courses and workshops on how to run profitable ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. I created the Academy where I taught students how to up their game so that they can get the most for their buck when advertising on these social platforms.

Don’t you think I learned quite a few things about targeting, copywriting, design, call-to-action, network interoperability etc. that I can immediately apply to blockchain advertising?

You bet I can.

Actually it makes things super easy, as these platforms are still in their early stages while Facebook’s advertising product is a behemoth in terms of complexity, structure and data points compared to them.

For you specifically this means the following:

  • If you have run ads on any of these platforms
  • If you have done follow management on say Twitter
  • If you have worked on improving your copywriting skills
  • If you have learned to shoot and edit quality videos and audios
  • If you have engaged in any kind of social media marketing activities

You most definitely can take ALL that knowledge and apply it one-to-one to the decentralized marketing networks based on blockchain technology.

The only thing I’d encourage you to do is to stay humble, be open to learning new things and more importantly, to be willing to engage in marketing activities that are created for humans not some stupid machines and their algorithms.

Respect humans. Welcome to the decentralized marketing world.

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