The Size of Your Thoughts Shapes Your Future - StrengthInBusiness

Think big or be realistic which one is it going to be? Have big goals and hunt down your dreams or stay safe and expand your comfort zone step by step? What if the size of our thoughts really matters?

We live in a world of duality and it’s up to each and every single one of us to connect with our innate intelligence to help us navigate through life. Some choose a growth mindset driven by constant education and expansion while others succumb to a limited narrative which keeps them trapped and imprisoned.

Once we decide to pull back the curtains and see behind the illusion, we embark on a journey where we find ourselves diving deeper into what scientists nowadays refer to as a holographic simulation.

We use our fife senses to decode this 3D game which was designed stunningly well. A sophisticated reality based on mathematics, more so sacred geometry with a set of physical laws that apply to the frames of time and space.

Enough with the esoteric and spiritual foam that often distorts our perception and alters our state of being. Now that we set the stage, let’s head back to the world of business and entrepreneurship and discuss the importance of our thoughts in the process of creation.

In Our Material World, Thoughts Become Things

How many times have you achieved what you’ve set your mind to?

Let me guess: Almost always?!

Isn’t it interesting how we manage to transform our MUSTS into reality while we struggle to materialize our shoulds, woulds and ‘nice to haves’.

If we take a closer look into what accompanies the first as opposed to the latter we notice a deep sense of trust and confidence that aligns with our ‘must attain’ goal or dream. Furthermore, we have a clear map of where we currently are and where we want to go and we fill the road with action steps that move us forward.

Nothing can stand in our way when we are headed for our musts. No stone is left unturned, no action step is too big or dangerous when we’re on the ‘battle field’ aiming for our target. As we move along, we adjust aka we drop what isn’t working and we do more of what is delivering positive feedback and results.

Consistency, perseverance, massive action while adhering to strategical and tactical patterns which we polish and elevate as we move along are all but key ingredients to what we call a recipe for success.

Notice anything magical about this process?

The Size of Your Thoughts Matters

Building on the above-mentioned construct, we realize how ingrained and addicted we are to limiting beliefs and small thoughts.

I can’t do this.

I don’t have the expertise.

I lack the knowledge.

I’m not young / old enough.

I don’t have the money.

And on, and on the roulette of the mind chatter goes.

Somehow this chatter didn’t exist or we managed to keep it under control or block entirely when we were hunting down our musts.

So why not increase the size of our musts knowing that we will accomplish them?

We do this consistently by training our mind to familiarize itself with an ever increasing size of thoughts.

This is a process, not an overnight task that we dismiss from the beginning because we’re overwhelmed by the notion of what it might ‘cost’.

Few understand the intrinsic value of this statement, but those who do achieve spectacular results. The most profound and beautiful aspect of life is when we witness common people achieve the uncommon. That is powerful. This is what we refer to as impact.

The size of your thoughts matters. Don’t let anyone trick you into believing otherwise. You are powerful beyond imagination.

Image by Shojol Islam on Pexels