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We live in a box, we drive to work in a box, we eat lunch from a box, we look the entire day into a box and we go to bed in a box only to repeat the whole process again the next day. This is how most humans live their lives. And then you wonder why you’re not creative enough, why you can’t come up with new strategies and ideas for your business or why you can’t find your soulmate.

We have lost touch to the very core of who we are as a species. We wonder clueless, shoeless in a 3D world letting external sensors stimulate and twist our perception while sucking in the very life force that enables us to experience this material realm from a higher self.

We hunt material things to fill a void that is perpetually created by well-designed marketing campaigns that trigger our need for significance, safety or love. The need for growth and contribution is purposefully left out of the equation as it might turn our senses towards our inner world thus showing us the real truth – namely, that we are amazing complete and whole human beings equipped with everything that is required to thrive on planet Earth.

But who benefits from people who live a blissful and fulfilled life?

Certainly not the big corporations and banks who rely on the low frequency marketing weapons lack, fear, guilt, shame, anger and lack of worthiness just to name a few of them.

As old life and belief systems collapse, the opportunities for creating something new and beautiful that is centered around communities, nature, love, kindness and a healthy co-habitat arise. It’s totally up to us whether we want to continue the low frequency lifestyle that’s being perpetrated by certain entities or if we’re ready to embark on a different journey where these triggers have no effect.

Leave the Box for XXX Sake

Let’s apply the above to entrepreneurship and small business owners, as corporations abide to shareholder interests you as an employee can’t control.

Why is it that your best ideas come to mind when you’re out in nature, playing outside with your kids or taking a walk on the beach with your loved one?

You see, all of these places have one thing in common:

They are not trapped in boxes.

Therefore, in order for you to be able to think outside one or multiple boxes is to leave the freaking box. Actually pretty straight forward, yet so phenomenally revolutionary for many fellow humans to grasp.

Be practical. Stop fantasizing and get out of your box on a regular basis. The answers will rarely if ever come to you in a box and if so happens, they might as well be programs you’ve picked up from different media outlets without being consciously aware of.

My absolute best business ideas pop up when I’m scuba diving. Once I leave the box in the shape of a boat and enter the underwater realm, my senses are heightened and all earthly matters vanish. My mind is relaxed allowing the heart to pick up information faster without interference.

In your case it might be yoga, playing tennis, hiking, walking your dog, picnicking with your friends, building castles in the sand with your little ones or enjoying opera in outdoor venues with your better half.

Everything that drags you out of your box can be helpful for your business. Aside from moving your body to get from A to B which benefits you health wise, you also get the advantage of meeting people and being exposed to new thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

Who knows, your next client or business partner might as well had the utterly genius idea to leave his/ her box and runs into you at that particular time. Coincidence? I’ll leave this one up to you to decide.

Life is Precious

In the end, what matters most is you being open to new thinking and learning patterns. It’s not about shape or form, the power lies in fluidity.

Be ready to change your perception. Stay open to new possibilities that life throws at you. This will enable you to navigate the storm more smoothly without losing sight of your goals, values and principles.

Once you understand that the most valuable lessons are assimilated when juggling in and outside of multiple boxes while using the power of synchronicity to optimize effectiveness, nothing will be able to stand in your way. The knowledge that comes from your innate intelligence is not to be messed with.

Image by StockSnap on Pixabay