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When profits, cash flow, success, obsession and pushing forward are the only buzzwords you hear around you, more often than not, you think you’re on the right track. Are any of the above-mentioned nuggets of wisdom going to unlock the safe that many brag about or is it rather going to send you deeper down into a blurry maze of confusion?

A couple of years ago while listening to Brian Rose’s London Real podcast I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds as I couldn’t believe what was coming out from the mouth of one of the financial legends many of you certainly have crossed paths with. His guest was none other than the author of the groundbreaking book Rich Dad Poor Dad, the one and only Robert Kiyosaki.

In this interview Robert was sharing his story on how he transitioned from being a pilot and fighting in the Vietnam war to becoming a super successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. And then he gave an answer I have not come across before. He said that his number one ingredient for success in business was spirituality.

I’ve never heard a businessman / entrepreneur be so open about spirituality and the key role it plays in facing massive disruption, tackling challenges and enabling the mind to better navigate through uncertainty.

Fortunately, in the last few years, the number of top entrepreneurs, pro athletes and even Navy Seals (e.g. Michael Jaco in his book The Intuitive Warrior and David Goggins in Can’t Hurt Me) who are bold enough to speak out about the importance of spirituality in everyday life, sports and business has increased exponentially.

Making Spirituality More Tangible for Business People

While the term spirituality in the realm of business and entrepreneurship is often labelled as a recreational activity for softies and people who can’t cope with society, there is one amazing individual I consider “perfect” (if such a thing exists) when it comes to conveying the complex insights of spirituality to a more sophisticated audience who dares to question the status quo.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the few scientists I confidently turn to when it comes to understanding the spectrum of spirituality from a biochemical, neurological and quantum physics perspective. He has a remarkable way of conveying the inner mechanics of the body, mind, heart and soul while providing a powerful toolbox of various meditation techniques and exercises to help us activate all life force that has been lying dormant for far too long.

I’m an avid student of Dr. Joe’s work and I can attest from my own experience that what this amazing gentleman teaches has an earth-shattering impact on your business, health and life when applied consistently.

More so, it’s crucial to measure the effects of so called spiritual or information downloads from the source to be able to replicate results. Quite honestly, what’s the use of having blissful moments of maximum life energy vibrating through your entire body if you can’t repeat the experience to heal yourself, find the solution to a problem that has hijacked your mind for an extended period of time or be able to deploy this technique to help someone in need.

The beautiful thing about the human mind is it’s like a quantum computer. It can take in so much information and then just collapse into a solution right away.”

– Martine Rothblatt, biotech entrepreneur and Founder of SiriusXM

Whether you look at spirituality from the lens of quantum physics to make it more palpable or not, it all comes down to learning how to best tap into your innate intelligence, that gut feeling and intuition we were all born with, thus enabling you to thrive in business and live a healthy and blissful life.

Ignite Your Intuition

Whether you believe in spirituality, quantum physics, meditation and Co. or not, you can’t deny the fact that there’s something powering every single cell in your body that needs replenishment in order to provide you with the necessary energy to go through life with more vitality.

You may turn to great food, quality sleep, extensive physical and mental exercise, however sooner rather than later you discover that those ingredients alone don’t cut it long-term. There is another important piece you need to unlock the secret sauce of the puzzle and that is the spiritual component.

Stay open-minded so that you can embrace what life throws at you. When some of those gifts turn out to be unpleasant surprises, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your trained intuition.

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