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Fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, disbelief… We get stuck in all these negative emotions and have difficulties interrupting the patterns as well as quieting the mind so that we can enjoy this journey we’re on. Why follow the herd mind when you can liberate yourself from these emotions and reclaim your power? Why not dare to be original again?

We’re so afraid to be ourselves. We look for comfort in certain brands and products trying to escape from dealing with the most important person on this planet. When something doesn’t feel right on the inside, we blame outside factors trying to fix whatever is in our reach to eventually realize that it all stems from within us.

The numbing strategy is our favorite weapon. It used to be alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, then we evolved to drugs and pills. Today, as we consider ourselves more sophisticated and tech-savvy, we’ve embraced the perfect tool: smartphones.

A few days ago I heard a statement from the well-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza (@drjoedispenza) that really hit home. He said something along the following lines:

Somebody (or something) very clever hid the most important wisdom inside of us, as he/she/it would anticipate that we would most likely spend our entire lives desperately looking for it outside of us.

I’m not a religious person and I don’t subscribe to any of the new age stuff that isn’t backed by science and common sense. But the core concept unveiled in this statement feels very real.

I very much believe in uniqueness and the power each one of us has inside. Children, who haven’t yet assimilated the programs we feed them on a daily basis, are a perfect example for this. As the analytical mind starts to develop and drain information from the subconscious, originality fades away and duality gains traction.

The battle between you listening to your own intuition and adhering to the collective behavior is on. It’s a battle that you’ll fight your entire life if you don’t make a deliberate decision to take back control.

Why wait for some kind of disease, loss or trauma to knock on your door and force you to ask the hard questions in life? Why not stay awake, observe the program and redirect your attention AKA focus your energy to what matters most to you?

Translated into business, I’m mesmerized by the sheer amount of business owners and professionals who are buying into the ‘entrepreneurial DNA’ story that is often promulgated on social media thus letting the external world dictate their behaviors, feelings and actions to the detriment of their own mental, emotional and physical health, their self-respect and wellbeing.

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Why Not Dare to Be Original in Business?

Challenging times call for inner strength. This is the moment of truth. What you’ve fed your mind and body for years on end comes to the surface without filters or a cheering crowd. Have you nourished your garden or did you let the weeds take over?

You can no longer rely on politics and frameworks to navigate uncertainty. You can’t expect your customers and tax advisor to fix your income state. The doctor is trapped in helping the extreme cases and environmental issues fade into the background.

What’s your next move? Come on, you’re an entrepreneur, aren’t you? You’ve planned for this, haven’t you?

You’ll be surprised how many people default into panic and numbness. All these years you’ve been focusing on the outside and now that inner chatter overrules everything. All there’s left is you, your mind and body. It’s that moment when you have to recall your inner power and resources.

What skills can you deploy? What experiences and knowledge have you been hiding from the world? It’s time to activate all of these miraculous gifts that lie dormant in you. Tap into your playfulness and curiosity. Let that inner child communicate with you. Dare to be original again.

Listen to different opinions and experts with opposing perspectives but ultimately, activate your thinking brain and make conscious decisions. Give things in your industry a spin, embrace your own touch and style and find the audience that resonates with that.

Awakening the Dragon

There is a dragon waiting to be awakened in every single one of us. Some people rush through life, never taking the time to properly get to know themselves. This leads them to never follow their inner calling thus leaving dreams unfulfilled.

Leave that group; better yet, never join it.

Don’t let fear stop you from living a meaningful and fulfilled life. Awaken the dragon inside of you and use that power to accomplish astonishing things. Become the designer of your own life and when things don’t go the way you want, try to find the river that flows. There’s always a solution to your problems, there’s always another path you haven’t considered yet.

Come up with your own definition of success. It might be taking care of three wonderful children and working part-time at a surfboard shop, having to run a small family business or becoming a well-renowned neurosurgeon. Forget all the success formulas, checklists and hacks. Create your own life recipe and let the fire of your inner dragon guide you to a miraculous life beyond your wildest dreams.

Dare to be original. Trust yourself. Never settle for average.

Image: Josch13 / Pixabay.com