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Fear, acquiescence, greed and shame are all vital elements of the program. Love, creativity, caring and empathy on the other hand are clear signs of you attempting to leave the all encompassing cube thus enabling you to take a sneak peek into the control room of the matrix. It’s similar to entrepreneurship AKA having your own business: once you experience the tremendous upside and freedom that comes with it, you’ll do whatever it takes to never have to cross the front doors of that carrot factory again.

‘Working for the man’ is still in. Although the label has lost its “safe” feature in the last decades, it remains a colorful harbor for ships that fear big waves, deep waters and the darkness that comes with uncertainty and the unknown.

There’s nothing wrong with joining a team that shares the same values you do, provides the public with amazing products and services and thrives towards the greater good. However, choosing to work for a company driven by fear is like riding the carousel feeling dizzy and puking all the time. No wonder these individuals end up filled with lots of regret. It’s definitely not a spot you want to be in.

Robots Will Replace Carrot Factory Workers

You are not a puppet.

Your purpose in life is not and has never been that of executing somebody else’s plan. Let robots and AI do all that work. Your job as a human being is to tap into the infinite field of energy and creativity so that you can build something extraordinary while having this fascinating experience on Earth.

People ask me why I started writing more about mindset instead of sharing marketing tips and strategies. My answer to that is very simple: You know enough tips, techniques and what not. There is an abundance of marketing information that is being shared by experts with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.

However, that is not why you’re stuck or are not being labeled “successful” by conventional wisdom.

What you lack though is fundamentals. In order to thrive in today’s world and build a strong fortress you need to develop unbreakable self-confidence and self-esteem among other things. One of those core pillars is mindset. Your mental stamina will determine whether you make it during these challenging times or not. Whether you’re able to adapt quickly, learn new things and persevere during tough times, comes down to mindset and mental toughness.

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If you don’t want to end up at the mercy of the state or some giant corporation that could care less about you and your family’s wellbeing, then you need to finally break out of the hypnotic spell. Nobody is coming to save you. Therefore the sooner you wake up from the trance the better.

Robots will take over many of the jobs we’ve been used to doing ourselves for decades. It’s just a question of time and part of our evolution. Therefore your main focus should be on what it is that you can do better, more efficient or different than the vast majority of people and more importantly, how can you best deploy the unique talents you were equipped with when you arrived on this planet.

It’s not the time to dwell on the past. What’s gone is gone. It’s this moment that counts. What can you do, learn and apply today in order to accomplish your future goals and dreams.

For those of you desperately looking for tactics, I’ve got one for you:

Dip your toes into blockchain marketing because it’s where we’re heading. Look into the decentralized part of the blockchain ecosystem as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Co. will most definitely captivate the centralized one.

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We need the all-encompassing entrepreneurial spirit more than ever. We need more family businesses because they are the backbone of the world’s economy. We need business leaders with high morals, integrity and strength that advocate unity, creativity and peace.

We’ve experimented enough with all the other models. They are not sustainable. The “I win, you lose” mentality is outdated. It’s time to get back to what makes us human and double, triple, quadruple down on that.

Reclaim Your Inner Power

You are infinite awareness. You have been equipped with the most sophisticated software to accomplish miraculous things in life. You are a creative source with magical power.

Yes, the program wants you to believe the exact opposite.

Yes, your mind has been hijacked by handing the control tower over to the reptilian brain, which is powered by fear and angst.

Here’s the good news though:

You can regain control by increasing your vibrational frequency. How? By doing the exact opposite of what mainstream science, media and the establishment want you to do.

Why do you think you have a heart?

Why is the heart’s electrical field 60 times stronger in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain? (Source: HeartMath Institute)

Why are love and gratitude the feelings that heal your emotional scars? Do you really think it’s a coincidence that they are located in your central operating system AKA your heart?

Unity. Love. Gratitude. Compassion. Empathy.

Unlike the mainstream narrative that wants you to believe that your main operating system is in your mind, the exact opposite is the truth. And you know it. You feel it. Something inside of you tells you that it all comes from the heart.

Turn off the TV, get out into nature and once you empty your mind and the signals from your reptilian brain become insignificant, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into your inner power. Tap into that as often as possible because this is the only source you can rely on. It’s your heart.

Unlike your mind, your heart will never send you encrypted and distorted messages. It will speak and transmit to you the truth whether you like it or not.

This reminds me of one of the many valuable lessons I learned from my mentor and marketing legend Dan Kennedy. I don’t remember whether he himself learned this from Earl Nightingale or not but in essence it goes like this:

“If everyone is heading into one direction, go the opposite way. Chances are you’ll end up on the right path.”

Stop acquiescing. Stop adhering to the herd mentality. You’re not a freaking sheep. You are infinite intelligence having an experience on planet Earth. Get off your knees. Man up AKA woman up.

The program has enough energy batteries wondering around clueless shoeless behaving like zombies, adhering to stupid rules and waiting for orders from psychopaths that are carefully carried out by maniacs.

We come to this planet equipped with unique capabilities and talents. Don’t waste them. Rather lift your frequency and leave the matrix. Life outside the box AKA the cube is peaceful and full of love.

Let the robots go to the carrot factory while you focus your creative energy on what makes you human. Don’t let the mind decide which road you should take. Hand this decision over to your heart AKA intuition.

Image: Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay.com