Your Life is a Battle with Your Mind - StrengthInBusiness

What goes on between your ears will determine pretty much the trajectory of your life. Your destiny is directly correlated with your decisions, therefore understanding the battle that goes on in your mind which you’re involved in consciously or unconsciously, is absolutely crucial. The last thing you want is a battle on autopilot.

We feed our mind on a daily basis just like we do our body. Often times we’re loading our precious computer with junk information and wonder why the outcomes are so destructive. When we do this consciously, it’s difficult to blame others as it’s way too obvious, however, when we invite information into our brains without using a proper filtering system, we love to attribute the negative results to exterior factors.

Who are we actually fooling in this 3D game of life?

Just because we favor the lazy and complacent gears based on their attractive appearances doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what’s happening to us on a deeper level. Outsourcing a major part of our human power has never been more easy. On the flip side though, we might get away with fooling our mind over a long period of time but you and I know, that our hearts will always signal an incoherent vibe when we’re out of sync.

What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Suffering in Life?

Why is it that we can pick up the energy of somebody entering a cafe or restaurant a few seconds before this very person enters the entity? Why do we overanalyze our new relationships, business partnerships or even a car purchase when it feels right?

The main objective of the mind is to analyze code AKA information. While it’s doing a phenomenal job when it comes to strategizing and combining different aspects of creativity to come up with a plethora of new ideas, it is a terrible interpreter of feelings and emotions.

When the communication between my heart and mind isn’t aligned, I suffer. This has been a key indicator for me that something is off. My level of energy seems to drop as a consequence and my abilities to decide and act fast are also affected. More importantly, my thought process gets stuck in a spiral leading me into a maze of twisted patterns that hijacks my power.

Raising my level of awareness and quieting my mind to be able to dislock and gain back control over my brains’ operating system has been crucial for me. Allowing the heart to communicate in a free and uncensored manner with the mind while keeping the ego in check has benefitted me tremendously. More so, strengthening these neuro pathways have enabled me to pick up information faster and allow my mind to work like an alchemist.

Do I still get kicked off the railway track? You bet I do. However, it happens less than it used to since I became conscious of running this pattern a few years back. Staying vigilant is something I find extremely enticing, therefore mastering this little game between my heart and mind is of utmost importance to me.

Your Heart Knows, The Mind Analyzes

Mental strength is essential in business, sports and life in general. Investing time into understanding how that amazingly powerful data control center located in your brain works is a prerequisite to leading a successful business and living a blissful and fulfilled life.

No Artificial Intelligence (AI) can beat the power of your heart and mind, no matter how many scary stories you hear or read about it. Never underestimate the power of the two highly sophisticated and complex energy centers located inside your chest and head. When working congruently, the combo is a force to be reckoned with. There isn’t a single weapon on this planet that comes close to mimicking the amount of energy these centers are capable of releasing.

Understand the life force that lies within you so that you can unleash it for the greater good. This world needs more courageous individuals who won’t be stopped by fear and propaganda.

Your mind is a powerful weapon. Don’t let it dominate you and take you places you never want to be. Learn to use it properly in order to design yourself a beautiful and harmonious life that enables your spirit to grow.

Creative art: AI-generated image by Daniela S.